Divorce & Child Custody

divorceOur “of counsel” attorney’s have represented many husbands and wives struggling through a painful divorce, or are unable to agree on custody rights when children are involved.

Criminal Law

Our “of counsel” attorneys have devoted many years towards defending those charged with crimes. They have defended persons accused of everything from driving while intoxicated to murder, white collar crimes to fraud, and obtained excellent results. Recently, John Russo, our “of counsel” attorney was able to obtain a hung jury for a young man accused of attempted murder after he allegedly hit a police officer on the head with a baseball bat and was coerced into a questionable confession.

Employment & Discrimination

Our “of counsel” attorney’s are experienced in the handling of cases involving sexual, age, and other discriminatory practices, and will help you to recover just compensation for those offenses.


In some instances, a judge may rule unfavorably against you on a motion made during the course of your lawsuit or at trial. A judge’s mistaken decision at trial may cause a bad result. Litigators at The Law Offices of Michael S Bender will analyze the judge’s decision, the applicable law, the motion papers for and against the motion, and the evidence, and provide the likelihood of success on an appeal. The Law Offices of Michael S Bender is experienced at developing, drafting and arguing appeals, and has appeared before the First Department in New York and before the Second Department in Brooklyn – with an excellent success rate.